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Where to Start: Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom

Welcome back to my series on deep cleaning! This week: bedrooms! Bedrooms are likely the most important room on your deep cleaning list. Why? Because a bedroom is the cleanest dirty room in everyone’s house. It’s easy to change the sheets, pick up the floor, run the vacuum around and call it good. But it’s…

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Cleaning When It’s Too Hot to Clean

It’s gross hot today. According to my weather app, it “feels like” 104 degrees. At 5 PM. It is with this in mind that I’m taking a break from my series on deep cleaning, because a) it’s been pretty hot all around the country this month and I feel like this is more relevant this…

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Where To Start: Deep Clean Your Living Room

Welcome back to my series on deep cleaning! This week: living rooms! Living rooms are a bit tough to pin down when it comes to deep cleaning. First, it’s tough to get your spouse/kids/pets to stay out of the living room long enough for you to really get into a cleaning groove. I have no…

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