About Me

Hi! I’m Heli.

I’m never great at talking about myself, so I will offer the following facts:

  1. I am, in fact, a generally happy person (Happy Heloise isn’t just for alliteration!).
  2. I love problem-solving and have a love-hate relationship with cleaning, so I’ve spent the majority of my life figuring out the least fussy way to keep my house basically in order.
  3. I have a husband, Jeff, who is a poet, but not the snobby kind.
  4. I don’t have a ton of all-time favorite things, but my favorite food is spaghetti with red sauce. Like any version of that. My German aunt says “Nudeln macht glueck” (noodles make you happy) and I 100% agree.
  5. My background is German, Persian, Irish, and Canadian and I love all of it!

Follow me on Instagram @heloise.abtahi or email me at heli@happyheloise.com